Personally Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Our facials are design to provide a unique pampering and positively memorable experience! High-end products along with the aid of ultra sound, infra red light, galvanic & high frequency currents, rotary brushes and sprays are used to achieve the extraordinary results that could only be obtained through professional skin care treatments.

90 Mins, $80


Microdermabrasion & Complete Facial

An effective treatment for resurfacing the skin to reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven pigmentation, acne, acne scars, whiteheads, blackheads, to repair dull congested or thickened skin, sallow complexion, course uneven bumpy skin and to minimize large pores. A further benefit of microdermabrasion which means removing dead skin (stratum corneum of the epidermis) is enhanced skin penetration by skin creams and serums by up to 50%. Since human skin typically regenerates at approximately 30 day intervals, optimum results are obtained with repeated treatments at intervals of 21-28 days for a maximum of 4 to 6 treatments. The treatments in combination with sunscreen, sun avoidance, and the recommended skin care creams yield best results.

This skin rejuvenating treatment polishes your skin to a silky finish and stimulates collagen production for smoother, firmer, healthier looking skin after just ONE treatment!

Followed by extractions, massage and two specialized masks, this treatment truly reveals your clearest and brightest complexion ever!

One of our most popular treatments!

90 Mins, $98

*Other body areas that benefit from microdermabrasion include: hands, back, shoulders, upper arms and décolleté (starting at $40)


Diamond Microdermabrasion for your hands combined with a hydrating paraffin dip.

45 Mins, $40


This purifying treatment is targeted specifically for back-breakouts. It includes a deep cleansing, steaming, extractions, exfoliation and a softening masque to reduce redness and leave your skin clear and silky smooth. All that followed by a steaming lavender hot towel and a relaxing massage.

75 Mins, $75


This service may be added to aid in the removal of any deeply rooted black heads as well as for a deeper exfoliation, to decrease the build up of sebum and to improve blood circulation – all to prevent acne build up.

*Add $20

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)


Electrolysis is a safe and permanent method of hair removal. This process is recommended by physicians and requires a series of treatments. We use one of three methods: galvanic, thermolysis and blend. The current is decided based on the type of hair that needs removal. We use an advanced, computerized apparatus that delivers good and painless results in optimum time. Commitment is key to achieving such results. Our electrologist is certified, licensed and with over 16 years of experience in this procedure.

15 Mins, $17

30 Mins, $32

60 Mins, $58

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)


By using soft warm wax, we remove any unwanted hair from face and/or body.

$14 – Eyebrow shape
$14 – Sideburns
$  7 – Upper Lip
$  7 – Chin
$  8 – Hairline
$  8 – Neckline
$28 – Full Face (Add brow shape $12)
$35 – Full Face + Eyebrows

$30 – Full Arm
$20 – Half Arm
$14 – Underarm
$20  – Lower Arm + Fingers
$25 – Chest
$45 – Full Back
$45 – Half Back + Shoulders
$68 – Full Back + Shoulders
$20 – Full Stomach
$10 – Stomach Line

$50 – Full Leg + Feet and Toes
$60 – Full Leg + Bikini Line
$10 – Feet +Toes Only
$30 – Half Leg
$40 – Half Leg + Bikini
$15 – Bikini Line
$25 – French Bikini
$40 – Brazilian
$22 – Buttocks
$35 – Buttocks + Between Cheeks

**We regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are taking Accutane, topical antibiotics, Retin A or other medical grade exfoliants due the increased sensitivity of the skin caused by these products.***


(Prices are subject to change without notice.)


Eyebrow and Lash Tinting is a treatment used to accentuate your eyes, create more contrast in your skin tone and hair color, or to create a more dramatic effect. You eyes will appear more vibrant and your features will have more contrast. The eyebrow and eyelash will appear fuller and thicker.

$20, Eyelash Tinting

$17, Eyebrow Tinting

$12, (add brow shape)

$16, Eyebrow Tweezing


De-stress Eye Treatment is a refreshing, anti-fatigue treatment ideal for sensitive eyes. The specific eye massage is designed to stimulate the lymphatic capillaries to drain excess fluid, thus reducing the appearance of puffiness. Vitamin C serums and patches are used to sooth, calm, brighten the eyes and alleviate dark circles.

40 Mins, $35


(Prices are subject to change without notice.)



This massage offers a deep relaxation of the entire nervous system which relieves stress by lowering anxiety levels which may be mental or physical. It promotes good circulation of blood and lymph fluid which in turn increases the exchange of nutrients and toxins throughout the body. For this treatment we use Grape seed oil, an antioxidant to protect your skin from environmental damage.

30 Mins, $38

60 Mins, $65


This massage offers a deep relaxation of the entire nervous system which relieves stress byThis is a massage where a carefully selected blend of pure, ancient, essential oils are used to calm the mind, relax the body and uplift the spirit.

30 Mins, $40

60 Mins, $75


This treatment is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful therapy which brings a feeling of deep relaxation, where the body and mind is encouraged towards a more balanced, calm and integrated state of well being. It is beneficial in stimulating blood flow, in resting and soothing the nerves and as an aid to keeping the scalp healthy and the hair lustrous.

A combination of mineralized scalp lotion, essential oils and electric frequency lamp that stimulates cell regeneration thus hair growth, is used.

30 Mins, $30

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)



Treat yourself to a professional hand treatment. This service includes a nail shaping, cuticle repair, polish application and a moisturizing massage.

$20, Regular Manicure

$25, French Manicure

$10, Polish Removal

$13, French Polish Removal

$8, Paraffin Treatment


Indulge yourself with a delightful herbal foot soak followed by nail shaping, cuticle repair, callus removal, a relaxing foot massage and a polish application, all this while getting a back massage.

From $40, Regular Spa Pedicure

From $43, French Pedicure

$10, Polish Renewal

$13, French Polish Renewal


We begin this treatment with a herbal foot soak, followed by a deep relaxation and rejuvenation to the entire body through the special techniques of foot massage. Thousands of nerve endings and reflex points that connect to the body organs and glands are stimulated to enhance the proper function of each body system and the elimination of body toxins.

45 Mins, $45

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)


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